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It can be hard to know what God wants you to do with your life and ministry.PLACE helps people discover their unique Spiritual Gifts through a Biblically-based assessment tool.

PLACE Ministries has been helping churches, organizations, and individuals find their place in ministry for the last 23 years. Over 700,000 people have discovered their calling as a result. If you want to gain clarity in your identity, the process is simple:

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Learn how to use your God-given Spiritual Gifts, personality and experiences

Begin to confidently serve God and others. So you can stop feeling lost and overwhelmed and you can feel confident in your identity in Christ!

What's PLACE?

In 1998 we developed a personal, biblically-based discovery tool (PLACE) that focuses on five separate elements that are designed to work in tandem with one another:

The P in PLACE is for Personality Discovery. Our unique personality assessment will help you discover what makes you “you.”

The L in PLACE is for Learning Spiritual Gifts. PLACE uses a giftedness assessment to see where you fall among 16 Spiritual Gifts referenced in scripture.

The A in PLACE is for Abilities Awareness. In this assessment, you will discover the optimal environment for you to use your natural abilities in a way that brings fulfillment.

The C in PLACE is for Connecting Passion with Ministry. Identifying what you’re truly passionate about will lead you to an area of ministry that aligns with your heart.

The E in PLACE is for Experiences of Life. Where you’ve been is valuable information to consider when determining where you can serve most effectively.

Learn more about the format of PLACE and how you can discover your PLACE today!


About Jay McSwain

After founding PLACE Ministries in 1998, Jay has spent the last two decades helping individuals find their PLACE in God’s story. Jay travels across the country from his home office in Atlanta to facilitate workshops, consult with pastors or business leaders and speak at conferences. He also serves as the chaplain for the Atlanta Braves. Though he is passionate about the ministry, Jay’s favorite titles are husband and father.