Are those you lead informed or irritated when the subject of spiritual gifts is introduced?

I will never forget in 1998 when I went on staff at Council Road Baptist Church, outside Oklahoma City, as the Associate Pastor of Ministry Development the reaction from many of our members to the subject of spiritual gifts.  I had been brought on staff to help shut the back door of Council Road by getting those who were members of the church involved in ministry.  So, I designed a survey to help me understand what our members knew about spiritual gifts and specifically their own spiritual gifts.  I was shocked at how irritated and yes even angry many were at just asking them to complete a 2–3 minute survey.

With a little investigation into their irritation I found that Council Road, like many churches have used spiritual gift assessments with members only to leave them uninformed beyond taking the spiritual gift assessment.  Almost 25 years later I have seen countless individuals resist spiritual gift assessments for many reasons, including being given the impression that a spiritual gift assessment is the end all way to discover your spiritual gifts.  And since 1998 I have spent thousands upon thousands of hours helping God’s people not be uninformed regarding their spiritual gifts as Paul commands us in I Corinthians 12:1.

I would like to offer you our course “Discovering My Spiritual Gifts” ( for 50% off the original price of $19.99.  At checkout use the following code: 50%off to receive your course for $10.00.  As you will discover this course is filled with Scripture along with practical teaching on each of the 16 spiritual gifts that are part of the assessment we provide in the course.  Spiritual Gift Assessments are helpful to begin the discovery process, but not the process.

For only $10.00 you will be given a wealth of practical information to live out Paul’s command to not be uninformed regarding spiritual gifts.  And if you would like to learn about our quantity discounts to take your entire church or group through the Discovering My Spiritual Gifts course please feel free to call us at 1-877-463-2863.


Serving Him Together,