Dear _____________,

Welcome to First Redeemer! I hope you hear often in the coming days a statement that Pastor Jeff regularly uses which is: “We need you to fulfill the vision God has for us as a church.”


To help fulfill our vision and include all of us as the Pastor of Discipleship at First Redeemer our team has created a process called Journey On. Journey On is designed to help every person who attends First Redeemer to go from a guest to a member (if and when God leads them) to engaged and involved. Every journey has a starting place. Obviously, there can be different starting places for your journey here at First Redeemer but one place we would encourage you in your journey is to begin the process of discovering your spiritual gifts and how and where to use them at First Redeemer and yes even outside our church family.


We have created a free Spiritual Gifts App that will help you begin the process of discovering and/or affirming your spiritual gifts. Click here to learn more and download the app to your device.


Caution: I stated above spiritual gift assessments help you begin the process of discovering and affirming your spiritual gifts.

Spiritual gift assessments are not the process, but a part of the process.


Beyond just a spiritual gifts assessment, the PLACE Experience was created to help you discover your spiritual gifts based on Biblical principles. Through the teaching of PLACE you will learn from a Biblical perspective how spiritual gift assessments are part of the discovery process, again not the process. Also, PLACE is about much more than just spiritual gifts. You will learn how God has uniquely created you through your personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passion and even your life experiences.


Not only will you learn about yourself through the PLACE Experience, but I will sit down with you one-on-one to help you apply what you have learned through the Biblical principles in PLACE.


I invite you to watch the video to learn more about your PLACE Experience…coming this November.

2-Day PLACE Experience
Friday, November 12 – 6:30PM-9:00PM &
Saturday, November 13 – 8:30AM – 12Noon
Register today for your PLACE Experience; Click Here.


Should you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to call
my cell (404-557-3209), call the church office (678-513-9400) or email me at


Enjoy the spiritual gifts assessment as the starting place in your Journey On process!


Serving Him Together,


Jay McSwain
Discipleship Pastor