Coaching is the lifeblood of PLACE helping to link the results from the Personal Discovery workshop and assessment to the Connecting Phase in moving forward.


Coaching is a time of helping the individual understand their unique design and what that means for them in their life and ministry decisions.  Linking the P-L-A-C and E from their PLACE Profile, the one-on-one coaching is invaluable in helping ‘connect the dots’ for the member in moving forward.

What do I need?
Coaching Resources
Each PLACE Connection Coach will use this personal guide in preparation for and use during a PLACE Coaching session.

Watch live coaching sessions to view different coaches who have different personalities and styles connect the elements of the PLACE profile to lead the individual to understanding and exploration. The videos are accessed by the church mobilyzr portal (can be the free –level account or one with the added database and tracking system).

Courses developed by Jay McSwain give coaches additional understanding of Spiritual Gifts, Interpreting the PLACE Profile, and more. Some are free, some require additional purchase. Group pricing available for courses.

Mobilyzr with online ministry guide assists coaches in recommending potential ministry connections.