Connecting to Ministry/Opportunities

The Connecting phase in PLACE will be based on your objectives.  Depending on your goals and missional strategies, staff may wish to engage members in ministry, grow members in discipleship, ensure people are connected in small groups or living a life equal to their calling and design.  You choose the level of involvement in the connecting phase of PLACE.

What do I need?
Connecting to Ministry Resources
With mobilyzr, you’ll connect people into ministry roles after coaching and provide follow-up and placement verification with ministry leaders.

The Mobilyzr system can be used at any or all 3 of the PLACE phases of Personal Discovery, Coaching and Connecting. Involving your coaches, providing access for ministry leaders and reporting capabilities to find ministry servants for roles and potential ministry growth.

Mobilyzr surveys allow ministry leaders to learn their group’s learning style and love language for effective equipping, training and communication and feedback.  Surveys are free with the annual mobilyzr subscription.

The guide created inside your church’s mobilyzr portal is available for all members to view ad contains ministries and serving descriptions to aid coaches and leaders in connecting members P-L-A-C-E info to roles where they will serve according to their design.

Guide which resides on your mobilyzr landing page can be linked to your church’s website where even visitors can view the places where they will have the opportunity to connect at your church — an attractive feature to those investigating attending this Sunday! Requires no programming expertise or web design.