Coaching for Life Change Through PLACE

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Learn how to use the PLACE Profile and one-on-one coaching to bring about life change

This course is designed to equip you to fully understand and have the tools to be effective in coaching others to their intended purpose by using the PLACE Profile.

To accomplish this goal to equip you the course is designed to be viewed from three types of lens.

One lens will allow you to learn coaching as if you were looking through a telescope. This view will look at coaching from a broad and high level. The telescope lens will look at concepts like multiple intelligence and self-awareness and what these have to do with coaching. The telescope lens will also look at what coaching is not and what coaching is.

Another lens through which this course can be viewed is like looking through the lens of binoculars. The lens of binoculars generally take an object that is at a long distance away and allows a person to see it up close and as a whole. This will be accomplished as you learn how to view your own and others’ PLACE Profile holistically. Also, you will look through the lens of your binoculars as you watch Jay and Ginger McSwain, the founders of PLACE coach others.

Finally, this course will be viewed through the lens of a microscope. Each P L A C E element will be broken down and looked at as if under a microscope. The lens of a microscope allows for examining individual elements in precise detail.

After completing all the videos provided in this course and creating and studying the written material in each session coupled with the supplemental downloadable resources you will walk away being confident in using the PLACE Profile to bring about life change in others through your coaching.