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The role of administration from the completion of the PLACE workshop to the connection session to the participant’s placement in ministry within the church is crucial to the effectiveness of the PLACE process. The Administrator on the Mobilization Team will ensure the flow of information to the participant, the Connection Coach, and the staff/ministry leaders within the church.

The Implementer will be available to answer any questions that you, the Connection Coach do not feel comfortable answering and will be available to work with you in situations where you do not feel comfortable or equipped to handle.

As part of the Mobilization Team you will need a servant’s heart to those who are seeking to Find Their PLACE in ministry within the church.

Prior to the workshop, it would be helpful if you would submit times you are available for 30 days after the workshop has been completed. We recommend each Connection Coach to schedule no more than four appointments over a 30-day period and suggest no more than one a week.

Part of the PLACE process is to help members engage and not experience the all-too-common experience of burnout. If Connection Coaches are over-committed there is a great potential they will encounter burnout.


After the workshop is completed each Connection Coach may receive a copy of the master connection session schedule with the name and phone number of those each will be consulting. It would be helpful if you confirm your appointment one or two days prior to the connection session.


When confirming a participant’s appointment remind them to bring their PLACE workbook and profile.


Several days prior to each of your connection sessions you may receive a telephone call, postcard, or e-mail from the PLACE Administrator reminding you of your appointment.


And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will be able to teach others.

(2 Timothy 2:2)


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