The Connection Coach

Return participant’s profile to the Implementer, or the person in charge of the PLACE process. Be sure to include notes and ministry recommendations that will be helpful for the staff/ ministry leaders over the ministries you are recommending for the participant.

It is recommended that you follow up with those you coached 45 days after the connection session. In the follow-up you can ask questions to see where the participant is in the process of Finding Their PLACE. This can be done through a phone call or email. You may be sent a post card with the participant’s name asking you to return the completed card to the Implementer, or the person in charge of PLACE after your conversation with the participant. 


The card should be very simple.


The card may be mailed back to the church or given to the Administrator or Implementer. This process may be steamlined by using the PLACE online software,


"The Fruit of the Spirit Controlled Personality Guide"

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