Is God Using You and You Aren’t Even Aware?

So often God is using you and you are not even aware how He is using you.

How many of you serve in ministry  fail to see how God has been using you to impact the lives of others?

Do you need to be encouraged how God has uniquely designed you to impact others?

Are you looking for a discipleship tool and process that will help others engage in ministry both within your church and even outside the walls of your church?

So many of us began 2024 thinking and planning what we want to see happen in the upcoming year in our lives personally and in our ministries.


Far too often people fail to see how God is using them in ministry like God was using Jerry in the video clip above from a message Jay McSwain (the founder of PLACE Ministries) did this fall at First Redeemer Church where he also serves on staff as Discipleship Pastor.


As you continue making plans for 2024 both in your own personal enrichment to grow spiritually and in ministries you lead, PLACE Ministries would like to invite you to our PLACE Experience training on May 2-3 in our new offices in Alpharetta, GA (outside of Atlanta).




Below are some of the highlights of what you will experience during our two-day training:

  • Experience walking through the PLACE experience for yourself on Day One.
  • The one question that will change everything with you teaching PLACE
    and coaching others one-on-one.
  • How to immediately discern (even without the spiritual gift of
    discernment) the direction a coaching session should go.
  • Why teaching the PLACE concepts is so important to the success of
    implementing PLACE beyond just the assessments.
  • Insights into realistic expectations for those being coached after the
    PLACE teaching.
  • Multiple ways to facilitate the workshop in both delivery and length.
  • Who should be PLACE coaches and why?
  • How to use the PLACE Online Ministry Guide with Coaching.
  • Who should be the first group(s) to go through PLACE and why?
  • How to make an intentional process like PLACE become part of the DNA of your church
  • Strategies and practical suggestions for promoting and getting individuals through the PLACE process.
  • How to practically understand the 16 spiritual gifts used in the PLACE spiritual gifts assessment.
  • Understand why so many churches cannot get an intentional assimilation process like PLACE to be effective. And yes, how to effectively get an assimilation process like PLACE to work effectively in your church.
  • How to connect all five elements of PLACE together and not just understand them individually which creates tunnel vision and leads to diminished impact in using PLACE.
  • Understanding why and how PLACE is different than most assimilation tools available and how to leverage the resources to disciple and grow your people along with your church.
  • And much, much more!

What Is The Schedule For The Two Day Training?

Highlights of Day 1

  • Personality, Spiritual Gifts and Abilities Assessment Completed
  • Understanding the role of the Holy Spirit in your personality
  • Connecting and understanding each DISC personality type with a biblical character through both strengths and weaknesses
  • Learning what a spiritual gift is not and what one is from the Bible
  • Primary teachings in the Bible regarding spiritual gifts
  • Biblical principles beyond the spiritual gifts assessment to discovering your spiritual gifts
  • Practical explanation and understanding of how the Bible uses the 16 spiritual gifts in the assessment
  • How personality and spiritual gifts interact with one another in ministry
  • How to understand abilities from the perspective of competency and fulfillment in ministry based on the optimal environment a person flourishes and flounder in
  • Your own working definition of passion
  • Who you have passion for in ministry and why
  • How you demonstrate passion through ministry
  • Links disconnecting passion from ministry
  • How to look at your life experiences from God’s perspective
  • Types of life experiences and how they guide you to fulfilling God’s purpose in your life
  • How to make the most out of your life experiences
  • Completing your own PLACE Profile

Highlights of Day 2

  • How to use the Facilitator Guide and various teaching resources for teaching PLACE
  • The four steps that must be incorporated to successful implement PLACE
  • Unpacking each of the four steps in detail in implementing PLACE successfully
  • How to effectively communicate PLACE to the senior pastor, staff and congregation
  • Looking at the PLACE Online Ministry Guide and how to build a ministry guide for your church
  • Understanding the importance of the PLACE Connection Coach in giving individuals and the church an effective assimilation process
  • Learning the key to helping your people know how to fulfill their objective through PLACE using a question, coaching and the PLACE Profile
  • Insights into the optimal PLACE Profile for building a PLACE team