Are You Committed? (Hard Cover)

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Are You Committed? – Connecting God’s People to Meaningful Ministry (Hard Copy)

Now is the time for your church to start expanding its church ministry exponentially.

This wake-up call is for anyone involved in a Christian ministry, regardless of your denomination, church size or role within your church.

Are You Committed? – Connecting God’s People to Meaningful Ministry goes beyond itemizing the problems churches face in trying to expand their ministries while increasing the number of effective servants – all while juggling budgets, staff, and time. This book precisely shows you how you can fulfill the Biblical mandate to grow spiritual servants that impact the Kingdom. PLACE Ministries founder, Jay McSwain clearly identifies proven solutions, with real-life examples. He explains why so many church ministries are weakening, even when its church attendance may be stable. Jay’s unique intentional process for increasing ministry servants serves as the foundation for PLACE Ministries, which has delivered an impressive track record of success for thousands of American church ministries.

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