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A 30-day devotional journey with God. “Life is a Journey, Not the Destination” is quoted from famous writers, singers, social media quotes, and yes even theologians.  For those who follow Christ, we long for the Destination which is heaven and eternal life worshipping God with angels and fellow believers. However, before we reach our final destination (Heaven) we will live the journey God has planned for each of us here on earth.  As part of our journey, God has a purpose for each of us to fulfill (Ephesians 2:10). Destinations is an interactive ONLINE 30-day devotional journey with God to help you discover how to live out God’s purpose for you along the journey He has mapped out for your life.  During your 30 days through Destinations, you will be challenged to explore five different areas of your life through journaling, using the acronym PLACE.

P   –   Personality Discovery
L   –   Learning Spiritual Gifts
A  –   Abilities Awareness
C  –   Connecting Passion with Ministry
E  –   Experiences in Life.

You will then look at how God desires to take how He has created you and use you for His Kingdom service.

Our hope is you will see how God has created you so you can be and do all God has created for you along the journey to your final destination, Heaven. Each of the 30 days in the devotional will consist of:

  • A Starting Point
  • Direction from God’s Word
  • Reflecting on the Journey

Destinations are ideal for an individual or an entire church or an entire school or group to go through together at the same time.  Imagine those you are doing life with all discovering through a 30-day journey that you have been uniquely created individually and as part of His Body for a purpose.

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After you purchase the group version of the Destinations Devotional course we will send you a course access key that you will give your members in order for them to register an account and take the course.

We will do our best to send you the group course access key to your registered email within 4 hours from Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

For urgent orders, you can call us at (877) 463-2863 or email us at

If you are an individual(Not a member of any group, church, school, etc.), Click here to go to the Destinations Devotional For Individuals page.


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