Mobilyzr Database Subscription


Mobilyzr database for tracking, accountability, and reporting features

Equipping members into ministry is the heart behind Mobilyzr. With an annual subscription for this database portal, your group will gain access to additional benefits beyond the limited-access portal. Access to the following features help you keep in touch with your members:


  • Capability to search for specific criteria like spiritual gifts for specific service areas
  • Mobilyzr surveys (Involvement, Equipping and Appreciation)
  • Assign commitment levels to serving roles/jobs and determine the commitment level of those involved
  • Tracking capabilities and custom reports
  • Additional insight into potential volunteers for various areas

Note: Pricing is based upon your membership. Please specify your range within the drop-down menu before checking out of the store.

Number of Members

1 – 100, 101 – 500, 501 – 1000, 1001 – 2499, 2500+

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