PLACE Targeted Teaching Videos

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Targeted PLACE Teaching (with discussion)

  • Delivers each PLACE teaching session between 7-18 minutes and is ideal for when maximum group discussion is desired, in a format with 45-60 minutes allocated for each session.
  • Jay pulls out the key teaching points from the PLACE Participant Guide & Assessment Tool book.
  • No Facilitator Guide needed. Participants use PLACE Assessment Tool book or PLACE online assessment.
  • Groups are directed to exercises in the Assessment Tool book through the video that focus on vocation, ministry, and relationships.
  • Like the Small Group videos, this option can be used for individuals who might miss a group session(s).
  • Consider using this option for individuals who are unable to go through the PLACE experience with a group, using their Assessment or Assessment Tool Book.
  • It would be beneficial that group leaders watch the Full version videos for their own understanding of the concepts with illustrations in advance of using this abbreviated teaching.
  • Total Video teaching time for all five sessions is approximately sixty-seven minutes.

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