PLACE Targeted Teaching Videos



Targeted PLACE Teaching (with discussion)

Each PLACE teaching session is personalized for individual use, lasting between 7-18 minutes. This
format is optimized for personal reflection and is well-suited for individuals who may miss sessions
or prefer a solo learning experience. Jay distills key teaching points from the PLACE Participant
Guide and Assessment Tool book, eliminating the need for a Facilitator Guide.

Participants can utilize the Assessment Tool book or opt for PLACE online assessments without the
necessity of a group setting. The video content guides individuals to exercises in the Assessment
Tool book, focusing on vocation, ministry, and relationships.

This option caters to those who cannot participate in group sessions and is also available for
individuals who prefer an independent learning path. For individual learners, watching the Full
version videos in advance is recommended for a comprehensive understanding of the concepts with

The total video teaching time for all five sessions is approximately sixty-seven minutes, providing
a flexible and accessible learning solution tailored specifically for individuals.

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