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Streaming PLACE Teaching Subscription for Churches

Offer the PLACE Teaching anytime to your groups as you engage them in learning how God has created them for life and ministry! Available by annual subscription and offering 3 varieties of teaching options there is something to fit every need for time and content. Content streams from your Mobilyzr: moving members into ministry portal without the need for access codes, so its easy and available 24/7.

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One subscription allows any number of people from your group to view any video, any time. Group leaders can access and use these videos in their live or virtual training events.

Targeted PLACE Teaching (with discussion)

  • Delivers each PLACE teaching session between 7-18 minutes and is ideal for when maximum group discussion is desired, in a format with 45-60 minutes allocated for each session.
  • Jay pulls out the key teaching points from the PLACE Participant Guide & Assessment Tool book.
  • No Facilitator Guide needed. Participants use PLACE Assessment Tool book or PLACE online assessment.
  • Groups are directed to exercises in the Assessment Tool book through the video that focus on vocation, ministry, and relationships.
  • Like the Small Group videos, this option can be used for individuals who might miss a group session(s).
  • Consider using this option for individuals who are unable to go through the PLACE experience with a group, using their Assessment or Assessment Tool Book.
  • It would be beneficial that group leaders watch the Full version videos for their own understanding of the concepts with illustrations in advance of using this abbreviated teaching.
  • Total Video teaching time for all five sessions is approximately sixty-seven minutes.
Number of Members

1 – 100, 101 – 500, 501 – 1000, 1001 – 2499, 2500 +

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