Student PLACE Assessment Tool Book


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Student PLACE Assessment Tool Book

Includes Assessment Tool with Small Group Discussion Guide

The Student PLACE Assessment Tool Workbook is also entitled PLACE Under20. We gave it this title because the assessments are designed for students 7th-12th grades and also to be used with our Under20 Small Group DVD teaching series. Each of the five PLACE Assessments take 20 minutes or less while the DVD teaching for each session is less than 20 minutes with a small group discussion guide in the back of each Student PLACE Assessment that is designed for about 20 minutes of discussion.

The Student PLACE Assessment contains: Personality, Spiritual Gift and Ability Assessments, plus exercises on Passions and Life Experiences. Each section contains supplemental material to further explain what the students are discovering and exploring as it relates to their unique design as well as how to connect their uniqueness to their PLACE in life and ministry.

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