Personal Discovery

What is it?

Personal Discovery in PLACE is a combination of assessments and teaching where participants learn:

Learning Spiritual Gifts
Connecting Passion
to Ministry
of Life

Personal discovery in small groups, larger settings or individually with video teaching. Coaching follows this phase to help the member gain a deeper understanding of their unique design and how to use this information going forward

What do I need?
Teaching on the elements of PLACE and written/scored assessments in booklet format.

The PLACE assessments from the book, but delivered online. Contains results and explanations/graphs.   Does not include the in-depth teaching. Pair with streaming video to duplicate what is accomplished in a full PLACE experience workshop.

Place Participant Guide And the Online assessment. Used with the mobilyzr annual database and tracking system.

Facilitators use leader guide w/ ppt  while group use the Participant Guide. Can be used in group setting but also in online meetings.

Utilizing the streaming video to do the teaching, the new facilitator gains experience with the material. Group uses the Assessment bool booklet or participant guide depending on depth of teaching and interaction desired.

Mobilyzr moving members into ministry tracking and database is available for personal discovery phase.