PLACE Ministries has been and in the days ahead will continue to be passionately committed to our purpose in coming alongside churches, organizations and individuals in helping God’s people discover how God uniquely created them for life and ministry.

Our team at PLACE Ministries has had the same purpose for going on 25 years now, but how we go about coming alongside you to accomplish that purpose has constantly changed.  The message of the Gospel has not changed since the first century, but the methods to deliver the Gospel have changed dramatically.

Since we launched PLACE in the late 1990’s we have always had teaching videos (remember VCR tapes – yes we have been around long enough to have had those) to go along with our Participant Guide and assessments.  Several years ago we launched our PLACE teaching videos online with a streaming subscription.  We provided two options for the PLACE teaching.  In 2020 during the pandemic, I created a third option.

For all three options we have enhanced the look and feel of the teaching along with a navigation bar on the right hand side for each topic being presented along with the length of time for each topic.

Instead of me trying to explain the three options, below are three options that are provided with each subscription.

And let me thank each of you for the privilege to come alongside you and serve in a small way to and with you in helping God’s people be and do what He called them for in life and ministry.

Serving Him Together,