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What you get from the
FREE Spiritual Gifts Assessment App

Get Your own personal spiritual gifts assessment

A description about each of the 16 Spiritual Gifts

Scripture references that align with each spiritual gift

64 statements that help you understand practically how spiritual gifts are used

Your personal score – between 1 and 16 – and how to can apply next steps to your life

Designed to help you discover God's purpose for you.

By discovering and developing your spiritual gifts you’ll be able to deepen relationships, find meaningful ministry work and even pursue the right career.

We believe this is the most effective and lasting way to discover your true identity and build your unique strengths.

Unlike other spiritual gift assessment apps that simply rank your spiritual gift scores mySpiritualGifts app provides a roadmap that teaches you how to apply your spiritual gifts in everyday life.

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"The Fruit of the Spirit Controlled Personality Guide"

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