Spiritual Gifts Assessment

INSTRUCTIONS FOR TAKING THE ASSESSMENT: Ask yourself how you feel about each one of the following statements. How true is each statement about you? Respond with a numerical rating as follows:

5 - Almost Always true

4 - Often true

3 - Sometimes true

2 - Seldom true

1 - Almost Never true

Avoid, as much as possible, a 3 (Sometimes true) choice. Don’t hesitate choosing 5 (Almost Always true) or 1 (Almost Never true). Your desire to be humble or not exaggerate may cause you to choose more moderate responses. This may affect your results. Try to be as honest as possible.

Place your numerical rating choice in the appropriate blank before each statement on this and the next pages. Then, follow the instructions on the scoring sheet at the end of the assessment.

Note: Don’t take a lot of time with each question. It is probably best to respond with your initial gut-feeling about a score.


I understand the truths of God's Word.

(Is this statement Almost Always, Often, Sometimes ,Seldom, or Almost Never True? Try to choose the 5, 4, 2, or 1. Avoid choosing 3 Sometimes.)
Spiritual Gifts Assessment