PLACE Online Assessment

The Most Impactful Resource PLACE Has Created

A wealth of insightful information is included for further study and reflection.

PLACE Online Assessment

As part of the 5-step personal discovery process, the online assessment gives the ability to print a 20+ page report that shows your results along with supplemental material about you from each of your five assessments. Also, each section has approximately five minutes of video by Jay McSwain, the creator of the PLACE Assessments, highlighting insights into each assessment.

What You Get

After completing the DISC personality assessment you will be provided insights into your unique personality along with invaluable information such as what God might say to you from His Word regarding your personality.

You will complete the spiritual gift assessment and learn how your spiritual gifts interact with your personality. In the short teaching video you will learn the number one way to definitely discover your spiritual gifts.

The Abilities Assessment will reveal the environments where you will be most competent in exercising your spiritual gifts and personality and fulfilled in living out your passions and life experiences. Through the short teaching video you will learn more how PLACE uses Abilities in the PLACE Profile.

Explores who you are passionate about and how you demonstrate your passion in both life and ministry. You will also learn where you passion originates.

Life experiences are the game changer in how and where God uses you in both life and ministry. In this final assessment you will reflect on your life experiences in completing your PLACE Profile.