Yes, I know a weird image to view and the writing is barely legible to mine and your eyes, but not to my heart. 

The weird image of a bracelet on an arm is a bracelet my wife gave me in 1995 that I have worn everyday since 1995 when she gave it to me.  There is a verse from the Bible written on the front of the bracelet that is so worn you can barely see the words and most likely you wouldn’t know what they are saying.  The verse written on the bracelet is Matthew 16:25 where Jesus says, “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.”  Matthew 16:25 forever changed my life in 1995 and in the late 1990’s I committed the rest of my life to helping others discover how to give their lives away through the ministry God gave me called PLACE.

I am sure many of you are like me in that at the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another you think about what took place in your life and what you desire to see take place in the coming year.  I have done much reflection not only of 2021 but the last 25 years since I started PLACE Ministries in 1998.  I have also envisioned what God might have in store for me in 2022.

I am entering 2022 with a fresh commitment to fulfill my purpose in life which is:

To give my life away for Christ and help others have a desire to do the same and enjoy giving our lives away.

To give my life away for Christ and help others have a desire to do the same and enjoy giving our lives away.

What about you?

As you enter 2022 what purpose are you looking to fulfill in and through your life?  For 25 years I have been teaching Proverbs 4:23 where God tells us,


“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” 


God tells us to “guard” our heart (passion).  He tells us this because He knows how easily we can lose our passion and go through life without meaning and purpose.  My hope and desire for you as you begin 2022 is to first know your purpose and second to live it out and guard it when others try to disconnect you from your passion and purpose.

And while the words on the bracelet


may not be legible to you they are written in bold on my heart and clearly readable.  Allow what God has written on your heart to be lived out boldly in 2022.

And I and PLACE Ministries would welcome the opportunity to help you and those you lead discover what God has written on your heart(s) by knowing how He uniquely created you.


Serving Him Together,


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